Algo Coding Introduction - How to write an algo

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts to start coding an algorithm. You will understand the algo trading market and learn how to access global data for coding in a modern designed backtest platform. You will learn how to implement and evaluate an algo performance.

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This course is for

  • Beginners interested in experiencing algorithmic trading
  • People participating in algo contest to get started and learn basic consepts
  • People looking to supplement their current career with fresh skills in fintech
  • People who want to draw insights from financial data for their investment decision

Course contents

1. Get started - patented cloud backtesting platform
  • Introduction to ALGOGENE Platform
  • Introduction to Juypter Notebook
2. How to write an algo from zero
  • Explain algo trading market
  • Understand the algo development cycle
  • Learn how to connect with global market data
3. How to implement and evaluate a strategy
  • Paper-trading setup
  • Performance measurement
  • Connect with 20+ global brokers without coding
4. Sharing from global contest winners or fund managers
  • Sharing about technical hurdles and common difficulties
  • Algo developer & investor's upright attitude towards algo

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